Starting Packages

- typical e.q. for every class, that they start with, on their home world


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Mundane equipment

Most mundane (non-magical) equipment, goods, and services listed in chapter 6 of the Core Rulebook and chapter 4 of the Advanced Player's Guide are available for purchase on most inhabited worlds, although any particular thing may not necessarily always (or even ever) be available in any particular community. (Player characters will most likely never craft any of these items.) Exceptions are listed below.

The following items listed in the Advanced Player's Guide are not available in the Worlds of Adventure campaign:


Some items are modified from their Pathfinder versions. The Worlds of Adventure campaign also introduces several new items. See the Mundane Items page for a list of the new and modified non-magical equipment.

Magic items

Most magic items listed in chapter 15 of the Core Rulebook and chapter 7 of the Advanced Player's Guide are available for purchase on most inhabited worlds. The simplest, least expensive, and most common magic items — potions of cure light wounds, scrolls of glitterdust — are available for purchase in most communities larger than a village (in small towns, such things may be sold by the local temple, a spellcaster living in the village, or (for potions) even a non-spellcaster alchemist). More powerful magic items may only be purchasable in the markets and bazaars of large cities, or may have to be made to order by a crafter who specializes in the sort of item the would-be buyer wants. The greatest magic items, such as a holy avenger or a ring of three wishes, might be findable only through secretive black markets, or purchasable only from a famous, unique magic shop in an extraplanar metropolis, or have to be crafted by reclusive master artisans who alone know the secrets of their creation.

Many magic items listed in the Core Rulebook and Advanced Player's Guide are modified from their listed descriptions, and some are removed entirely. See the Magic Items page for a list of the removed and modified magic items, rules for identifying items, and other information on magic items in the Worlds of Adventure campaign.

Creating items

Magic item crafting works very differently in the Worlds of Adventure campaign than it does in Pathfinder.

Item creation feats do not exist, and are not required in order to craft magic items. Most, though not all, items may be crafted without having any levels in spellcasting classes, and without any ability to cast spells. Instead, the creation of magic items requires having ranks in certain skills; creating any particular magic item often also requires knowing the recipe (also known as the "pattern", "schematic", or "formula" for the item). A recipe for creating a particular item may be learned from a crafter who already knows it; found in some obscure tome or ancient scroll; "reverse-engineered" from having seen the item in action (or, even better, having one on hand); or devised from scratch, by a process similar to spell research. Many magic items also require rare or expensive crafting components for their creation; these components may sometimes be replaced by the casting of certain spells (and, conversely, spells whose casting is required for an item's creation may sometimes be replaced by special crafting components).

There are several categories of magic items (which do not exactly align with the magic item categories in Pathfinder), all of which have their own specific rules for their creation; these rules are described on the Creating Items page.