Skill Tricks

Characters in the Worlds of Adventure campaign get skill points for each character level, equal to 4 + their Intelligence modifier (from a minimum of 2 skill points per level, at a −2 or greater Intelligence penalty, to a maximum of 8 skill points per level, at a +4 or greater Intelligence bonus). (See the What Level?? page for information on exactly what "character level" means.)

Human characters get one extra skill point per character level, and the Open Minded feat also grants a character 1 extra skill point per character level (a human's bonus skill points stack with those from the feat).

When a character gains her first rank in a skill, she receives a +3 training bonus to that skill, which is now considered a trained skill for her.

Worlds of Adventure also introduces skill tricks—specific, optional abilities that involve the use of a particular skill in an unusual or exceptional way. Skill tricks are similar to feats, though usually less powerful or narrower in scope; characters may select particular skill tricks, with higher-level characters having access to more tricks. See the Skill Tricks page for more information.

Acrobatics (Dex, Armor Check Penalty)

You can keep your balance while walking on a tightrope, a narrow beam, a slippery ledge, or an uneven floor. You can also dive, flip, and roll to avoid attacks and overcome obstacles, and land softly after a jump.

Alchemy (Int)

You can make alchemical items, identify substances, and conduct alchemical research.

Appraise? (Int, Trained Only)

Arcane Script (Int; Trained Only)

You can decipher magical symbols and diagrams, identify spell glyphs, read magical writings, draw magical diagrams, and scribe spell scrolls.

Athletics (Str, Armor Check Penalty)

Autohypnosis (Wis, Trained Only)

You can use your mind's mastery over your body to resist various physical and mental effects.




Disable Device? (Dex, Armor Check Penalty, Trained Only)


Escape Artist?


Gather Information (Cha)

You can make contacts in an area, find out local gossip, news, and information, and track people through communities.

Handle Animal?



Knowledge? (Int)

Linguistics (Int)

You can decipher the written and spoken forms of an unfamiliar language, communicate with creatures with whom you don't fully share a language, learn new languages, and hide secret messages in ordinary speech or writing.






Sense Motive

Sleight of Hand?

Spellcraft (Int; Trained Only)

The Spellcraft skill allows you to do a number of things that require understanding of, and proficiency with, magic.

Spot (Wis)

The Spot skill is used primarily to detect characters or creatures who are hiding, or to notice or see things that are difficult to spot.