The following classes are available to player characters in the Worlds of Adventure campaign.

The page for each class lists the features of that class, and describes any class variants available to characters of that class. (The rules for taking levels in classes, including the rules for multiclassing and cross-classing, are on the Character Advancement page.)

Class groups

Character classes in the Worlds of Adventure campaign are divided into four class groups:

See the Character Advancement page for more information about class groups.

Class Groups and Hit Die Size: The die size a character uses to roll for hit points (his “hit die”) depends on his class group. Warriors have a d10 hit die; rogues and priests have a d8 hit die; mages have a d6 hit die. (When a cross-classed character rolls for hit points upon attaining a new character level, he uses the hit die of whatever class group he has the most levels in—which will almost always be his primary class group.)

Knowledge abilities

Several classes in the Worlds of Adventure campaign gain an ability that grants them a competence bonus (equal to one-third their class level) to Knowledge? checks on various topics related to their class and their sphere of expertise. (The fighter gains martial knowledge, the druid gets nature knowledge, etc.) These abilities represent an understanding of certain topics, gained from training in the class and mastery of its abilities.

These knowledge abilities allow characters to make Knowledge? skill checks with DCs higher than 10 (just as if the character were trained in the requisite Knowledge? skill), but they are not the same thing as having actual ranks in the skill (which may be acquired only through dedicated study)—these abilities do not grant the character any knowledge of specific facts and details, only a general (if thorough) understanding of the topic, and the ability to “fill in the blanks”, to figure out things that the character may not actually know.

Knowledge Abilities From More Than One Class: If a character has more than one class which grants the character a knowledge ability that applies to the question at hand, the bonuses do not stack (nor, of course, do they stack with other abilities which grant a competence bonus to the skill check). Only the highest competence bonus applies.