Resurrection Magic

All spells and other forms of magic that return a character’s soul from the afterlife (i.e. bring someone back from the dead) are subject to special rules in the Worlds of Adventure campaign. See the page on Resurrection Magic for details.

Wish Magic

Magical spells, items, and other effects that can do “anything one’s heart desires”, such as the wish spell, a luck blade, or a wish granted by a genie, have special considerations and guidelines that apply to them. See the page on Wishes & Miracles for details.

Magical Aging

Certain magics can instantly age a character, inflicting the ravages of years on their body just as if those years had passed naturally. This may be the consequence of casting certain very powerful spells (such as wish), or the result of encountering certain dark forces or terrible monsters.

Years gained due to magical aging have the same physical effects as years gained by normal aging. If the character’s new age puts her into a new age category, apply physical ability score and skill penalties, but do not increase mental ability scores. If the new age exceeds what the DM has determined to be the character’s maximum age, she dies immediately. Resurrection spells cannot bring back a character who has died of old age (whether attained normally or magically), though a reincarnate? spell works.

Changing Form

Special rules cover magical effects that change a character’s form. See Changing Form for details.

Spell Save DCs

The following formula is used to determine the saving throw DC for a spell:

spell save DC = 10 + floor (spell level ÷ 3) + floor (caster level ÷ 3) + spellcasting ability score modifier

Concentration Checks

When a spellcaster must make a concentration check (to avoid losing a spell due to interruptions or distractions), he rolls d20 + his caster level for the spell + his Wisdom modifier.

Arcane Spell Failure

Armor interferes with the gestures that a spellcaster must make to cast an arcane spell that has a somatic component. Arcane spellcasters face the possibility of arcane spell failure if they’re wearing armor. Bards can wear light armor without incurring any arcane spell failure chance for their bard spells.

Casting an Arcane Spell in Armor: A character who casts an arcane spell while wearing armor must make a concentration check; if he fails the check, the spell fails and is ruined — the spell is expended (if it was a prepared spell), or the spell slot is consumed (if the spell was cast spontaneously). (If the spell lacks a somatic component, however, it can be cast with no chance of arcane spell failure.) The DC for the concentration check is equal to 10 + twice the spell’s level + the armor’s check penalty. A character who is not proficient with the armor he is wearing takes a −4 penalty on this check. A character may take 10 on this check if he is not threatened or distracted.