Coming back from the dead is easy in the Worlds of Adventure campaign (especially for commissioned adventurers of the Argos Trade Consortium, thanks to the Consortium’s resurrection insurance). However, magic that restores dead characters to life still deals with cosmic forces, and pulling a dead creature’s soul back from the Outer Planes is not without consequences. Characters who return from the dead may need extensive periods of time to recover, and may suffer strange side effects; such effects are permanent and can only be removed with a wish or a miracle. In extreme cases, the resurrection magic may fail entirely.

When returning a dead character to life with magic, roll 1d20 and 1d6 and consult the table below. (Note that exhaustion resulting from being resurrected cannot be alleviated by magic—with the exception of an instant weekend or instant vacation potion, which has the effect of two days or two weeks of bed rest, respectively—but its duration can be halved with long-term care via the Heal? skill.) Apply any appropriate modifiers to the d20 roll:

Resurrection check modifiers

The following modifiers apply to the resurrection check (the d20 roll).

State of soul

State of body



Resurrection Magic