Wondrous Apparel
Item Market Price
Helm of comprehending languages and reading magic 5,000 gp
Gloves of dexterity 12,000 gp
Gauntlets of ogre power 18,000 gp
Girdle of hill giant strength 27,000 gp
Girdle of stone giant strength 41,000 gp
Girdle of frost giant strength 61,000 gp
Girdle of fire giant strength 91,000 gp
Girdle of cloud giant strength 150,000 gp
Girdle of storm giant strength 240,000 gp

Reading item listings


Slot Which equipment slot the item occupies (may be head, face, back, chest, body, hands, wrists, waist, or feet)
Item level The level at which the item’s powers function, unless otherwise noted
Rarity How commonly known the recipe for the item is (and thus also how easy the item is to find for purchase); may be common, uncommon, rare, very rare, or legendary
Restrictions Any restrictions on the item’s use, such as which class groups (or classes) a wearer must belong to, and how many levels the wearer must have in those classes/groups, to use the item (Note: In this line of each item's entry, “rogues” refers to the class group, which includes the rogue, bard, and ranger classes); “None” means that any character may use the item
Price Standard market price of the item; this is how much the item usually costs to buy
Weight How much the item weighs

Item description. This text explains what the item looks like, its functions, and any additional information, such as restrictions on who can use it, etc.

Item Stat Block Template

Example item

Slot Item level Rarity Restrictions Price

Items of Wondrous Apparel

Gauntlets of ogre power

Slot Hands
Item level 7
Rarity Rare
Restrictions Usable only by warriors, rogues, and priests, of 3rd level or above
Price 18,000 gp
Weight 4 lb.

These gauntlets, of the kind that come with most heavy armors, have a similar effect to a girdle of giant strength, except that the Strength score they bestow on their wearer is that of an ogre (21).

Girdle of giant strength

Slot Waist
Item level 9 (hill giant), 11 (stone giant), 13 (frost giant), 15 (fire giant), 17 (cloud giant), 19 (storm giant)
Rarity Very rare
Restrictions Usable only by warriors, rogues, and priests, of a level no less than the girdle's level – 4
Price 27,000 gp (hill giant), 41,000 gp (stone giant), 61,000 gp (frost giant), 91,000 gp (fire giant), 150,000 gp (cloud giant), 240,000 gp (storm giant)
Weight 2 lb.

This belt bestows upon the wearer the Strength score of a giant (if the wearer does not already have a higher Strength score), for the purposes of breaking down doors, lifting heavy objects, and other momentary exertions of strength; unarmed damage (but not damage with natural weapons, nor does this bonus to damage stack with a monk’s increased unarmed strike damage); damage with thrown weapons (except shurikens); combat maneuver checks made to start, maintain, or escape a grapple; and combat maneuver checks to grab, trip, push, or overrun a foe. The enhanced Strength does not affect any attack rolls (other than for the listed combat maneuvers), damage rolls with manufactured melee weapons, or carrying capacity and encumbrance. The wearer also gains the rock throwing ability possessed by most giants.

The Strength score bestowed depends on the specific belt, as these belts come in as many varieties as there are major races of giant: hill giant (25), stone giant (27), frost giant (29), fire giant (31), cloud giant (35), storm giant (39). The Strength score bestowed by the belt cannot be enhanced with any other magic, is not increased by spells that alter the wearer's size (such as righteous might), etc.

Gloves of dexterity

Slot Hands
Item level 5
Rarity Rare
Restrictions None
Price 12,000 gp
Weight 0.5 lb.

A pair of these gloves appears to be nothing more than lightweight leather handwear of the everyday sort. They size themselves magically to fit any hand, from that of a huge human to that of a small halfling. Gloves of dexterity increase the wearer’s Dexterity score by 4 points if it is 6 or less without the gloves, by 2 points if it’s at 7–13, and by 1 point if Dexterity is 14 or higher. Furthermore, the gloves bestow upon the wearer the ability to pick pockets and open locks as if possessing 4 ranks in Sleight of Hand? and Disable Device? (but grant no competence at other uses of those skills). If the wearer already has at least 4 ranks in those skills, the gloves instead grant a +2 competence bonus on checks for those tasks.

Helm of comprehending languages and reading magic

Slot Head
Item level 3
Rarity Rare
Restrictions None
Price 5,000 gp
Weight 6 lb.

This helm appears as a normal helmet, of the type that comes with most heavy armors. It bestows upon the wearer the ability to understand speech and written text in a foreign language as if possessing 4 ranks in the Linguistics skill, as well as the ability to decipher symbols and diagrams, identify spell glyphs, and read magical writings as if possessing 4 ranks in the Arcane Script skill. If the wearer already has at least 4 ranks in either skill, the helm instead grants a +2 competence bonus on checks for those tasks. The helm has no effect on other uses of the Linguistics or Arcane Script skills, such as learning a new language or constructing a magical diagram.


Wondrous Apparel