This is a simplified version of the character creation process. (See Character Creation for the full version of the rules for creating a character in the Worlds of Adventure campaign.)

1. Ability Scores

Roll ability scores using the "4d6, drop lowest" method.

2. Race

Pick one of the available Races. (Your race may increase or decrease some of your ability scores; note your new scores, in that case.)

3. Class

Pick one of the available Classes.

4. Skills

You have a number of skill points equal to:

Put skill points into any of the available Skills (except Knowledge?, Profession?, or Craft?). At 1st level, you can put 1 point into each skill you select.

5. Feats

You get one feat at 1st level. Pick from any of the available feats that you qualify for.

(Humans get one bonus feat at 1st level. Some classes also get specific bonus feats.)

6. Trait

Everyone gets one trait, which has to be one of the Campaign Traits.

7. Hit Points

You start with hit points equal to the max roll on your hit die (d6 if a mage, d8 if a rogue or priest, d10 if a warrior), plus your Constitution modifier.

8. Equipment

How much gold you start with is listed on the Classes page. See Equipment for what items you can have.

9. Combat Numbers

Figure out the following combat numbers:

10. Other (Starting Spells, etc.)

If your character casts spells, see Spells for a list of available spells.

Ask your DM to look over your character sheet, to make sure everything's in order.


Simple Character Creation