See the Bloodlines page for descriptions of the bloodlines available to sorcerers in the Worlds of Adventure campaign.

The effects of a sorcerer's bloodline powers (but not which bloodline powers the sorcerer has) are based on a sorcerer's total number of levels in the mage class group, rather than sorcerer levels only.

A sorcerer gains the following ability at 1st level:

Bloodline Knowledge (Ex): A sorcerer gains a +1 competence bonus per two sorcerer levels he has, on all Knowledge checks concerning topics related to his bloodline. This may apply to a broader range of topics than the narrow nature of the bloodline itself; see the table below for the areas of knowledge related to each bloodline. This does not necessarily represent specific knowledge of any particular creature, planar phenomenon, or similar details; rather, it represents the sorcerer's innate understanding of things related to his own nature and bloodline. This ability allows the character to make untrained Knowledge checks with any DC, not only DC 10, on applicable topics.

Sorcerer archetypes

A human sorcerer may select the following archetype: