Bard 1, wizard 1, witch 1
Casting Time
8 hours
V, S, M
One touched object, or up to 1 touched object per level; see text
Saving Throw
Spell Resistance

This spell can determine the most basic functions of several magic items, or give more detailed information about a single item.

Multiple items

If used to identify several items, the spell determines the single most basic function of each magic item, and how many charges are left (if applicable). For example, a flaming sword and a flame tongue would both register as “+1d6 fire damage on a hit”. (The spell does not necessarily reveal the details of how to activate each item, such as command words for wands and similar devices; these must be discovered separately.)

If a magic item has multiple different functions that are equally basic, the DM decides (or determines randomly) which is identified.

Single item

If the spell is used to identify a single item, it reveals the most basic function of that item, as above, and the caster makes a Spellcraft check against a DC of 10 + the item’s level. If the check is successful, the caster discovers the next more advanced property of the item. For every 5 points by which the Spellcraft check succeeds, the caster discovers another property of the item. Wearing, wielding, grasping, or otherwise attempting to use the item in a way appropriate to its type grants the caster a +10 bonus on this check (but, of course, exposes the caster to any detrimental effects with which the item may afflict a user).

The DM makes this Spellcraft check in secret, as the character has no way of knowing whether he failed to identify any hidden or cursed properties of the item, or whether none exist.

Regardless of whether the check succeeds, this function of the spell reveals to the caster a vague sense of the nature of those properties of the item which he was unable to discover; for example, a caster who fails to identify the advanced properties of a robe of the archmagi might get the sense that this item offers the wearer some defensive benefits, particularly against magic, and also enhances his spellcasting in some way.

The hidden properties of items, such as a ring of elemental command, which are specially noted to be unavailable except to certain sorts of wielders, or after certain conditions are met, etc., are much more difficult to discern; the DC to discover them is increased by 20 (and they are not revealed even as a vague sense that those properties exist, if the character casting identify fails to beat this increased DC). A similar condition holds for cursed items: unless the caster beats the normal identification DC by 20, they are identified as the items which they appear to be.

Note: The properties of some kinds of magic items may be identified without use of the identify spell. See “Identifying magic items”, on the Magic Items page, for details.

The identify spell does not allow a caster to identify alchemical items of any kind. See the Alchemy skill for information on how to identify alchemical items.

Material Component: A pearl of at least 100 gp value, crushed and stirred into wine with an owl feather. (The infusion must be drunk prior to spellcasting.)

Category: Spells