Wizards belong to the mage class group. (See the Character Advancement page for more information about class groups.)

The Wizard
Level Special Abilities
1st Arcane knowledge, read magic

Starting Wealth

2d6 × 10 gp (average 70 gp). In addition, each character begins play with an outfit worth 10 gp or less.

Attacks & Saving Throws

The wizard has a Poor base attack bonus, a Good Will saving throw bonus, and Poor Fortitude and Reflex save bonuses. (See Table: Attack & Save Bonuses By Level, on the Classes page.)

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

A wizard is proficient with basic weapons, as well as any one of the following weapon groups:

(See the Weapons page for more information about weapons and weapon groups.)

(A character who does not begin as a wizard at 1st character level does not gain these proficiencies.)

Wizards are not proficient with any type of armor or shield. Armor interferes with a wizard's gestures, which can cause his spells with somatic components to fail (see Arcane Spell Failure, on the Magic page, for details.)

Class Features

A wizard has the following special abilities.

A wizard casts arcane spells drawn from the sorcerer/wizard spell list. A wizard must choose and prepare his spells ahead of time.

To learn, prepare, or cast a spell, the wizard must have an Intelligence score equal to at least 10 + the spell level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a witch's spell is based on Intelligence (see Spell Save DCs, on the Magic page, for details).

A wizard can cast only a certain number of spells of each spell level per day. His daily spell allotment is given on Table: Wizard.

A wizard may know any number of spells. He must choose and prepare his spells ahead of time by getting 8 hours of sleep and spending 1 hour studying his spellbook. While studying, the wizard decides which spells to prepare.

A wizard begins play with a spellbook containing all 0-level wizard spells (except those from his opposed schools, if any; see Arcane Schools) plus three 1st-level spells of his choice. The wizard also selects a number of additional 1st-level spells equal to his Intelligence modifier to add to the spellbook.

Gaining New Spells
Wizards perform a certain amount of spell research between adventures. Each time a character attains a new wizard level, he gains two spells of his choice to add to his spellbook. The two free spells must be of spell levels he can cast.

At any time, a wizard can also add spells found in other wizards' spellbooks to his own. Wizards can also learn spells from scrolls. (See the Spells page for details.)

Bonus Languages
A wizard may substitute Draconic, Titanic, Celestial, or Infernal (as appropriate for the world from which he hails) for one of the bonus languages available to the character because of his race.

Arcane Knowledge (Ex)
A wizard gains a +1 competence bonus on Knowledge? (arcana) checks for every two wizard levels he has. This does not necessarily represent specific knowledge of particular arcane phenomena, magical creatures, or esoteric lore; rather, this ability represents a general understanding of arcane magic and its manifestations. This ability allows the character to make untrained Knowledge? checks with any DC, not only DC 10, on applicable topics.

Read Magic (Ex)
Wizards are trained in working with magical writings and diagrams. A wizard gains a +4 competence bonus to Arcane Script checks.


See the Spells page for information about which spells have been modified from their Pathfinder versions.

The wizard's spell list in the Worlds of Adventure campaign (not including those spells which may be researched or discovered; see the Spells page for more information) is as follows:

0th levelAbjuration: resistance; Conjuration: acid splash; Divination: detect magic, detect poison; Enchantment: daze; Evocation: dancing lights, flare, light, ray of frost; Illusion: ghost sound; Necromancy: bleed, disrupt undead, touch of fatigue; Transmutation: mage hand, mending, message, open/close; Universal: arcane mark, prestidigitation.

1st levelAbjuration: alarm, endure elements, hold portal, protection from chaos/evil/good/law; Conjuration: grease, mount, obscuring mist, summon monster I, unseen servant; Divination: comprehend languages, detect secret doors, detect undead, identify, true strike; Enchantment: charm person, hypnotism, sleep; Evocation: burning hands, mage armor, magic missile, shocking grasp, Tenser's floating disk; Illusion: color spray, disguise self, Nystul's magic aura, silent image, ventriloquism; Necromancy: cause fear, chill touch, ray of enfeeblement; Transmutation: animate rope, enlarge person, erase, expeditious retreat, feather fall, jump, reduce person.

2nd levelAbjuration: arcane lock, obscure object, protection from arrows; Conjuration: fog cloud, glitterdust, Melf's acid arrow, summon monster II, summon swarm, web; Divination: detect thoughts, locate object, see invisibility; Enchantment: daze monster, Tasha's hideous laughter, touch of idiocy; Evocation: continual flame, darkness, flaming sphere, gust of wind, scorching ray, shatter; Illusion: blur, hypnotic pattern, invisibility, Leomund's trap, magic mouth, minor image, mirror image, misdirection; Necromancy: blindness/deafness, command undead, false life, ghoul touch, scare, spectral hand; Transmutation: alter self, bull's strength, cat's grace, darkvision, knock, levitate, make whole, pyrotechnics, rope trick, spider climb, whispering wind.

3rd levelAbjuration: dispel magic, explosive runes, magic circle against chaos/evil/good/law, nondetection, protection from cold, protection from fire; Conjuration: phantom steed, sepia snake sigil, sleet storm, stinking cloud, summon monster III; Divination: arcane sight, clairaudience/clairvoyance, tongues; Enchantment: deep slumber, heroism, hold person, rage, suggestion; Evocation: daylight, fireball, Leomund's tiny hut, lightning bolt, wind wall; Illusion: displacement, illusory script, invisibility sphere, major image; Necromancy: gentle repose, halt undead, ray of exhaustion, vampiric touch; Transmutation: beast shape I, blink, flame arrow, fly, gaseous form, haste, keen edge, secret page, shrink item, slow, water breathing.

4th levelAbjuration: dimensional anchor, fire trap, lesser globe of invulnerability, remove curse, stoneskin; Conjuration: dimension door, Evard's black tentacles, Leomund's secure shelter, minor creation, solid fog, summon monster IV; Divination: arcane eye, detect scrying, locate creature, scrying; Enchantment: charm monster, confusion, crushing despair, lesser geas; Evocation: fire shield, ice storm, Otiluke's resilient sphere, shout, wall of fire, wall of ice; Illusion: hallucinatory terrain, illusory wall, greater invisibility, phantasmal killer, rainbow pattern, shadow conjuration; Necromancy: animate dead, bestow curse, contagion, enervation, fear; Transmutation: beast shape II, elemental body I, mass enlarge person, Rary's mnemonic enhancer, mass reduce person, stone shape.

5th levelAbjuration: break enchantment, dismissal, Mordenkainen's private sanctum; Conjuration: cloudkill, major creation, lesser planar binding, Leomund's secret chest, summon monster V, teleport, wall of stone; Divination: contact other plane, prying eyes, Rary's telepathic bond; Enchantment: dominate person, feeblemind, hold monster, mind fog, symbol of sleep; Evocation: Bigby's interposing hand, cone of cold, Mordenkainen's faithful hound, sending, wall of force; Illusion: dream, false vision, mirage arcana, nightmare, persistent image, seeming, shadow evocation; Necromancy: blight, magic jar, symbol of pain, waves of fatigue; Transmutation: animal growth, baleful polymorph, beast shape III, elemental body II, fabricate, overland flight, passwall, plant shape I, polymorph, telekinesis, transmute mud to rock, transmute rock to mud; Universal: permanency.

6th levelAbjuration: antimagic field, greater dispel magic, globe of invulnerability, guards and wards, repulsion; Conjuration: acid fog, planar binding, summon monster VI, wall of iron; Divination: analyze dweomer, legend lore, true seeing; Enchantment: geas/quest, greater heroism, mass suggestion, symbol of persuasion; Evocation: Bigby's forceful hand, chain lightning, contingency, Otiluke's freezing sphere; Illusion: mislead, permanent image, programmed image, shadow walk, veil; Necromancy: circle of death, create undead, eyebite, symbol of fear, undeath to death; Transmutation: beast shape IV, control water, disintegrate, elemental body III, flesh to stone, form of the dragon I, Mordenkainen's lucubration, move earth, plant shape II, stone to flesh, Tenser's transformation.

7th levelAbjuration: banishment, sequester, spell turning; Conjuration: Drawmij's instant summons, Mordenkainen's magnificent mansion, phase door, plane shift, summon monster VII, greater teleport, teleport object; Divination: greater arcane sight, greater scrying, vision; Enchantment: mass hold person, insanity, power word blind, symbol of stunning; Evocation: Bigby's grasping hand, delayed blast fireball, forcecage, Mordenkainen's sword, prismatic spray; Illusion: mass invisibility, project image, greater shadow conjuration, simulacrum; Necromancy: control undead, finger of death, symbol of weakness, waves of exhaustion; Transmutation: control weather, elemental body IV, ethereal jaunt, form of the dragon II, giant form I, plant shape III, greater polymorph, reverse gravity, statue; Universal: limited wish.

8th levelAbjuration: dimensional lock, mind blank, prismatic wall, protection from spells; Conjuration: incendiary cloud, maze, greater planar binding, summon monster VIII, trap the soul; Divination: discern location, moment of prescience, greater prying eyes; Enchantment: antipathy, binding, mass charm monster, demand, Otto's irresistible dance, power word stun, symbol of insanity, sympathy; Evocation: Bigby's clenched fist, polar ray, greater shout, sunburst, Otiluke's telekinetic sphere; Illusion: scintillating pattern, screen, greater shadow evocation; Necromancy: clone, create greater undead, horrid wilting, symbol of death; Transmutation: form of the dragon III, giant form II, iron body, polymorph any object, temporal stasis.

9th levelAbjuration: freedom, imprisonment, Mordenkainen's disjunction, prismatic sphere; Conjuration: gate, refuge, summon monster IX, teleportation circle; Divination: foresight; Enchantment: dominate monster, mass hold monster, power word kill; Evocation: Bigby's crushing hand, meteor swarm; Illusion: shades, weird; Necromancy: astral projection, energy drain, soul bind, wail of the banshee; Transmutation: etherealness, shapechange, time stop; Universal: wish.

Arcane schools

See the Arcane Schools page for descriptions of the arcane schools available to wizards in the Worlds of Adventure campaign.