Mystics belong to the priest class group. (See the Character Advancement page for more information about class groups.)

Starting Wealth

3d6 × 10 gp (average 105 gp). In addition, each character begins play with an outfit worth 10 gp or less.

Attacks & Saving Throws

The mystic has a Poor base attack bonus, a Good Will saving throw bonus, and Poor Fortitude and Reflex save bonuses. (See Table: Attack & Save Bonuses By Level, on the Classes page.)

Weapon and Armor Proficiency

A mystic is proficient with basic weapons, as well as any one of the following weapon groups:

(See the Weapons page for more information about weapons and weapon groups.)

Mystics are not proficient with any type of armor or shield.

(A character who does not begin as a mystic at 1st character level does not gain these proficiencies.)

Some doctrines grant additional weapon proficiencies (see Doctrine, below).

The Mystic
Level Special Abilities
1st Doctrine, 1st-level spells
4th 2nd-level spells
7th 3rd-level spells
10th 4th-level spells
13th 5th-level spells
16th 6th-level spells

Class Features

A mystic has the following special abilities.


A mystic casts spells drawn from the mystic spell list (see Mystic Spells, below). To cast a spell, a mystic must have a Charisma score equal to at least 10 + the spell level, and the spell must be of a level that the mystic is able to cast. A 1st-level mystic is able to cast 1st-level mystic spells; at 4th level, and every 3rd level thereafter, the mystic gains the ability to cast spells of the next highest level (finally gaining the ability to cast 6th-level spells at 16th level).

In order to cast a spell, a mystic must have prepared it. Mystics prepare their spells through communion with the sacred, which may take the form of meditation, ritual, or similar activities, as dictated by the mystic's doctrine (see Doctrine, below. Preparing spells takes a mystic 10 minutes per spell level prepared. Unlike other spellcasters who must prepare spells, casting a spell does not erase the spell from the mystic's mind; she can cast a spell she has prepared any number of times per day, as her mana permits (see below). A mystic may prepare a number of spells equal to her class level plus her Wisdom bonus, and the spells a mystic prepares may be of any level that she can cast.

(See the Magic page for more information on preparing and casting spells.)

Mana Depletion
Spell Level
Mana Depleted
1 1
2–4 2
5–9 3
10–16 4
17–25 5
26–36 6
37+ 7


A mystic's mana is her degree of spiritual connection to the sacred, which allows her to cast spells. Casting spells is spiritually taxing, and depletes the mystic's mana; a mystic whose mana is entirely depleted cannot cast spells. A mystic may restore her mana with a full night's rest.

A fully rested mystic has mana equal to her class level plus her Wisdom bonus. Casting spells, especially multiple spells within a short time, depletes the mystic's mana. At the end of an encounter, or at the end of a span of 10 minutes after the mystic has begun casting spells, add up the levels of all the spells the mystic has cast within the previous ten minutes (or within that combat encounter, no matter the duration). Then, consult the table at left to determine by how much the mystic's mana is depleted. (A mystic's mana cannot be depleted to below 0; if the quantity of spells the mystic has cast would deplete the mystic's mana to below 0, her mana remains at 0 instead, and she is fatigued.)

A mystic cannot cast more levels' worth of spells in a short time (ten minutes or one combat encounter) than twice her class level.

Mystic Spells & Metamagic: A mystic may spontaneously apply any metamagic feat she knows to a spell as she casts it. Use the spell's modified level ("spell slot level") when determining how many levels' worth of spells the mystic may cast within a short time, but use the spell's effective (unmodified) level when determining mana depletion. In order to apply a metamagic feat to a spell, the mystic must be able to cast spells of the spell's modified ("spell slot") level.


A mystic's view of the nature of the sacred is called her doctrine. A mystic's belief and faith in her doctrine is the source of her powers. A mystic must select her doctrine at 1st level, and her choice cannot be altered thereafter.

Each doctrine is associated with a variety of special powers and abilities, which the mystic gains access to as she gains levels in the class. See the description of each doctrine for information on the powers that a mystic of that doctrine gains, as well as the code of conduct, precepts, obligations, taboos, and other requirements that each doctrine demands.

A complete listing of mystic doctrines can be found on the Doctrines page.


A mystic who grossly violates the requirements of her doctrine loses the ability to use any special powers, and prepare any spells, associated with that doctrine. Her maximum mana is reduced to 1. She cannot thereafter gain levels as a mystic of that doctrine until she atones for her deeds (see the atonement spell description).

Mystic Spells

The mystic's spell list in the Worlds of Adventure campaign (not including those spells which may be researched or discovered; see the Spells page for more information) is as follows:

1st levelbless/bane, cause/remove fear, command, comprehend languages, deathwatch, detect magic, detect undead, endure elements, entropic shield, hide from undead, magic stone, protection from evil, sanctuary.

2nd levelaugury, blessing of courage and life, calm emotions, consecrate, death knell, desecrate, detect thoughts, ghostbane dirge, helping hand, lesser restoration, magic mouth, misdirection, remove paralysis, share language, shield other, spectral hand, spiritual weapon, zone of truth.

3rd levelbestow curse, blindness/deafness, borrow fortune, clairaudience/clairvoyance, dispel magic, guiding star, heroism, invisibility purge, locate object, magic circle against evil, nondetection, obscure object, rage, remove blindness/deafness, remove curse, speak with dead, suggestion.

4th levelanimate dead, blessing of fervor, death ward, dimensional anchor, discern lies, divination, enervation, fear, tongues, remove curse, detect scrying, locate creature, lesser geas, rest eternal, spiritual ally.

5th levelbreak enchantment, contact other plain, dream, false vision, greater command, commune, hallow, nightmare, raise dead, sending, scrying, snake staff, symbol of fear, symbol of persuasion, symbol of pain, symbol of sleep, unhallow.

6th levelantilife shell, circle of death, greater dispel magic, eyebite, find the path, forbiddance, geas/quest, greater heroism, legend lore, mass ghostbane dirge, mass suggestion, repulsion, true seeing, undeath to death, veil.