Illusion, Fear, Phantasm, Mind-Affecting
Wizard 4, witch 4
Casting Time
1 round
V, S
One living, corporeal creature per three levels, within Medium range (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
1 round/level
Saving Throw
Will disbelief and Fortitude negates (see text)
Spell Resistance

You touch the minds of the targets, forming the fears of their subconscious minds into something their conscious mind can visualize: a terrifying monster. In essense, you create a phantasmal image that appears to each subject as the most frightening creature they can imagine. Only the spell’s subjects can see the phantasm, and each sees his own personal worst fear. You see only a vague shape. The targets get a Will save to recognize the image as unreal. If the save fails, they succumb to their innermost fears, cowering in terror.

At any time during the spell’s duration, you may select one of the affected targets, and as a standard action, direct the phantasmal monster to touch him. If the victim fails a Fortitude save, he has a heart attack from the intense terror; he drops suddenly to −8 hit points, then to −9 at the end of the round. If someone immediately makes a successful Heal check (DC 20) or somehow cures at least 1 point of damage, the subject stabilizes. Otherwise, at the end of the next round, the subject reaches −10 hit points and dies. Regardless of whether or not the subject succeeds at his Fortitude save, this use of the spell causes the phantasmal image to disappear, and ends the spell for all affected targets.

If the subject of a phantasmal terror’s attack succeeds in disbelieving and possesses telepathy or is wearing a helm of telepathy, the beast can be turned upon you. You must then disbelieve it or become subject to its fear attack. If you fail your save, the spell ends for all affected subjects except you.

Category: Spells

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